LTV 05 C Media / PR / Research and Documentation

Project Code: 
LTV 05 C

Many NGOs and nonprofits in India are often understaffed and overstretched in terms of human resources. The grassroots organizations in particular, often lack the funds to dedicate personnel for knowledge management. Although well versed in the vernacular of the region and experts in their own field of work, staffs in many NGOs and nonprofits finds it quite challenging to document their activities in English. Yet this knowledge management process is an integral function of any organization.

Volunteers interested in this field of work will be involved in:

  • Designing and creating content for the organization’s offline and online communication platforms. This may include annual reports, brochures, blog articles, website content, social media platforms, press releases among others.
  • Research, either through primary or secondary data collection, on impact of program implementation, feasibility of program action plans etc., as per the needs of the organization.
  • Documentation: this may include report writing, putting in place documentation procedures, recording organizational program activities, among others.