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About Us

Who are We?

Global Voluntary Camps (GVC) is a non-profit organization based in Singapore. It is incorporated in July 2009 by the founders of X-Trekkers, Yeo Ching Khee and Wong Yuen Lik, as an extension of their efforts to place students and working adults to oversea community service expeditions. They, previously through X-Trekkers, have been organizing community service expedition with travel component to China, India and Malaysia. With the incorporation of GVC in 2009, GVC has taken over the role of community service travel.

We continue to organize many community service expeditions to Asia, as well as sending volunteers to oversea workcamps. In 2010, we have also started organizing workcamps in Singapore to receive international volunteers. In Jan 2011, GVC became an associate member of NVDA. With the membership, and access to a wider array of volunteer workcamps, we strive to give more volunteers a chance to experience working and living in a workcamp.

Our Vision and Goals

Our mantra is Touching Hearts! We strongly believe that we can make a positive impact through volunteering our services. Every bit of effort counts  (no matter how small!) - we have faith that it all accumulates to create long-term impacts around the world.

To realize our vision, we strive to:-

  • To promote international volunteerism for environmental & cultural protection, social justice, and rural & human development.
  • To support youth development and the organizing of activities, events or projects to assist in youth development.
  • To promote an improved public understanding of social, youth and environmental issues;
  • To promote a sense of ownership and a sense of connection among the public to the environment, country, society and community
  • To promote and support the organizing of projects by informal youth groups
  • To promote integration of community projects between different themes and nature which will hence, promote innovation and creativity in community and social service.

What do we do?

Our main activity is to place local volunteers to various volunteers workcamps throughout Asia. We worked closely with our oversea partners to find suitable workcamps that meet the needs of our local volunteers. To date, we have organized a number of trips to volunteer workcamps in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Indonesia for both school groups and individual working adults. Our other main activity is to organize local workcamps for international volunteers. These local workcamps focus on animal/environment protection, and social work for disadvantaged kids. We worked with our local partners to come up with meaningful program for these workcamps, a program that will contribute to the cause and benefit the local community. And at the same time, gives the participant key learning experience.