Group Workcamps (Korea)

Date Location Duration Camp Code Theme
  Busan - Maze market 10 days IWO-71 SOCI
  Hwacheon - Act for Peace 12 days IWO-72 YOUTH
  Busan - Building Green Society     ENVI
  Chuncheon - Invisible but Visible 09 Days IWO-73 DISA
  Bonghwa - Buddha in Nature 10 Days IWO-76 YOUTH
  Jecheon - Nature and city 10 Days IWO-82 SOCI
  Wando - Youth Empowering 12 days IWO-75 YOUTH
  Yeongwol - Youth Land     YOUTH
  Yeongwol - Youth Laugh, Loudly 12 days IWO-81 YOUTH
  Seongnam - WHV-Forgotten Fortress 9 days IWO-83 HERI
  Gongju - Together with Kids 12 days IWO-84 KIDS, EDUC

ARCH – Archaeology / AGRI – Agriculture / ARTS – Arts (any type) / CONS –Construction / DISA – Disabled / EDUC – Teaching, Awareness raising / ENVI –Environmental / ELDE – Work with Elderly / FEST – Festival / HERI – Cultural or  Heritage / KIDS – Work with Kids / LANG – Language / MANU – Manual / MEDI – Medical / PEACE – Peace / Plant - Plantation / RELIEF – Disaster Relief / RENO – Restoration, Repare / SOCI – Social / SPORTS – Sports / STUDY – Study, Discussion, Research / YOGA – Yoga/ MOTI. – Motivation & Campaign. SURVEY – Data Collection/ YOUTH - Youth, teenagers

1) Number of Volunteers & Duration

- IWO hosts 12-15 volunteers on each workcamp. Each project will have 4-6 Koreans (Including 2 national camp leaders) and 7-10 international volunteers. It can be changed depending on the each project.

- Duration of the project is about 2 weeks.

2) Project Coordinator

- Each project has 2 camp leaders who are trained by IWO. They are also volunteers that prepare the project with IWO. They will coordinate the group to achieve the goals of each project.

3) Accommodation & Food

- Meals and accommodation are provided during the project by the host organization. Volunteers may cook by themselves or be served by the host organization.

- Participants are responsible for keeping the accommodation as clean during the project.

4) Free Time

- Participants are responsible for organizing their own free time with camp leaders during holiday. Host organization will advise volunteer for the information of local attractions.

5) Insurance

- IWO provides insurance for accidents only during the project (No dental clinic, illness, 3rd party’s liability compensation). It covers only a percentage of the cost (co-pay) at maximum 40% according to the insurance regulation for foreigners in KOREA. Therefore, Participants MUST bring their own insurance for health, travel and the 3rd party’s liability compensation.

6) Transportation

- Korea has convenient public transportation network over the country; therefore, all participants are advised to arrive at Incheon International Airport regardless of their project site. By taking a subway and an airport bus, participants can conveniently arrive from the airport to Seoul. There are many convenient public transportation systems from Seoul to each project sites.

7) Participation fee

 - There is No participation fee on STV(Korea workcamp).

8) General Qualifications

- All volunteers are required to speak English.

- Participants should be motivated and be Open-minded to the Asia and local culture such as manners and foods.

- Generally, participants between age 18 and 40 can be accepted except teenager workcamp(14~17 years old).

* Over 35 years old, GVC needs to counsel with IWO before confirmation.

- Volunteers should be aware of this is NOT vacation trip neither cheap travel.

- The illegal drugs is not allowed in Korea.