Rehabilitation Projects

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There are many NGOs working for social inclusion projects where minorities or less fortunate people have been left behind in the race and struggle for economic and social justice. FSL-India makes efforts to motivate/support them by placing interested volunteers to help them in their office, field work or to bring in new innovative ideas to their work. The work varies from project to project. Therefore, it is important for the volunteers to clearly mention in the application indicating why they want to work on such projects and also how they can contribute to the projects. Following are examples of the different kinds of Rehabilitation projects:

  • Projects where working children are given vocational training ;
  • Projects where young people are given training in various trades ;
  • Projects where Micro-finances are given to a minority community and we help them to become economically stable;
  • Projects where computer education is given;
  • Projects with disabled children and/or adults, in order to give them more autonomy and to eventually reintegrate them in the mainstream of society. 

In the past volunteers have contributed in a lot of ways for instance Photography and documentation work of local projects and helping them build a webpage of their own, at a vocational training centre help make a catalogue of all their products. Assist projects by implementing a good filing system; support in survey and data collection. In these projects creativity plays a major role, and prior experience is also very useful.

FSL-India also empowers less fortunate youth from slums or low economic backgrounds by providing them training in camp leading or office work. After completion of the training they work as camp leaders for a year. Thereafter, they go back to their communities and organize work camps for the next year and help bring development in their communities.

The Info-sheet will have more information regarding the individual projects with schedules and activities.