Nepal Teacher Development


One of the crucial issues for quality education has been Teacher Developement. Most of the Public Schools have untrained and unqualified (more than 60%) teachers; the primary level of formal education is commonly regarded as the foundation of quality education. VIN therefore aims to promote quality education through the development of teachers. The organization has been conducting various activities, e.g. workshops, teacher trainings, interaction seminars, exchange visits, and individual support. Many of the teachers have been benefiting from such programs - VIN has observed a significant change in their classroom behaviors and found positive impact upon students' learning. The organization conducts teacher training and other activities under its cluster (in one cluster there are 7 schools) approach.  

What volunteers can do:
Volunteers on teacher's development have also been supporting teachers by providing teaching materials and sharing their own experiences from their home countries. If you are interested in teacher development, you are very welcome to conduct any activity that supports our ideals on the subject. Your support can make a world of difference to these children's education! We also aim to launch teacher exchange programs across the countries so that teachers from two different sides can widen their horizon of knowledge in the field. This exchange will give teachers a chance to challenge themselves and step outside of their comfort zone. This challenging nature of the task at hand might push the teachers to learn about adjusting to various systems, molding them into better, more practical educators. VIN hopes to find the right partners to initiate such a School Linking program from any part of the world. You can also engage in this cause, from your own country by sharing this information with interested schools.

Food and Accomodation:

Provided with a host family / guest house - Nepali standard: rice lentil soup, vegetables etc


Sound knowledge and experience in teacher development, fluent spoken and written English