Child Care: Early Childhood Development


In Nepal, little effort is made by the government and various other sectors, to nurture and promote the overall intellectual and physical wellbeing of the young. A healthy childhood is the vital foundation of a functional future working force. Although the government of Nepal has, upon several occasions encouraged early childhood development centers (ecd) to be set up in the community, due to the scattered nature of rural villages, institutions such as local schools, become near to inaccessible for the local people. As a result, most children spend their early years at home, without any play material, acquiring no communicative or social skill.

VIN therefore aims to equip school based early childhood development centres and for the first time in Nepal, provide an efficient means of education for the young. We train ECD teachers to make their classes joyful and creative for children. We supply resources for the centres and encourage teachers to collect locally available resources as well.  

Aspects of Children’s Rights Addressed:   

Right to Education, Right to Development & Right to Participation

Problems Addressed:  

Teachers not being able to adopt child friendly teaching/learning approaches in ECD classrooms, which can negatively impact the overall development of children in their early years.

Related parties (parents and school management) are not always aware of early childhood development needs and practices, hence are unable to satisfy them.

What can a volunteer do at these centers:

  • Assist local teachers in their daily roles.
  • Teach children different motor skills and kinesthetic skills.
  • Play games and rhymes with children.
  • Provide child care support.
  • Create resources for the children.
  • Take the children on excursions.
  • Do a variety of other activities.

Food and Accomodation:

Nepali Standard at host family in the working community


Anybody who has a strong interest in supporting children from the most marginalized communities and who enjoys working with young ones. If you have been trained in Montessori methods it will be an added advantage. Volunteers who may not feel very confident in these areas of expertise should still apply as VIN provides an orientation for the learning of these various skills before placement at the centers.