Costs Involved:

Our local host organisation FSL- India is a non-profit organisation and does not depend on any public or external funding and all costs are sustained through the participation fees from volunteers. Therefore volunteers are expected to pay the participation fee mentioned below besides all their personal costs needed to come to India (travel / visa / vaccinations etc.). We work only with local organizations that need our support. 

The estimated Participation Fee is 14,500 Indian Rupees for each month (approximately 200 Euros per month, depending on the exchange rate)

Remember that the participation fee is non-refundable. Volunteers are therefore requested to carefully consider the duration of their program while applying.

  • If a volunteer has applied for more than three months, only the first three months fee is collected in the beginning.
  • If a volunteer has applied for less than three months, the entire participation fee is collected in the beginning.
  • The participation fee will be collected only for a full month and it is not possible to apply for half a month.
  • The Participation fee will be collected from the volunteers during the first three days of the orientation week. The amount will be collected only in the local currency (Indian Rupees). We do not accept any payments in foreign currency. We expect volunteers to pay the first three months of the participation fee before starting the program for practical and organizational reasons.

Volunteers should try to exchange their foreign currency as soon as possible. However, it is recommended that they do not to exchange foreign currency at the airport as the rates are more disadvantageous. FSL-India staff can assist volunteers to find a convenient place/bureau of exchange to convert the currency or travellers cheques and cash withdrawal at ATMs. 

Project Information

Starting Dates: Most porjects starts First Monday of every month. Most project runs all year round.
Duration: Most projects require Volunteers to have to commit for a mimimum of one month.
Accommodation: Accommodation for volunteers can either be at the project, in a local host family, as a Paying guest, in a hostel depending on the project, location and availability. 


LTV 01A Regular Teachingclosed during the following months: March until May, October; and sometimes in December.

LTV 01B Orphan Children Teaching 

LTV 01C Ethnic Tribes Teaching 

LTV 01D Street Children Teaching

LTV 01E Kindergarten/ Anganwadi Teaching closed during the following months: March until May, October; and sometimes in December.

LTV 01F Speech and Hearing impaired children Teaching closed during the following months: March until May, October; and sometimes in December.


LTV 03A Children with Special Needs

LTV 03B Rehabilitation Projects 

LTV 03C Old Age Home/ Geriatric Care

LTV 03D Women Empowerment 

LTV 03E Slum children Teaching and Development 

LTV 03F Ethnic Tribal Development  ~ Most require Minimum 2 months 

LTV 03G Prevention of Child Labour/ Promotion of Child Rights ~ Minimum 2 months 


LTV 04A HIV/AIDS Awareness and Care of Support may require a Police Verification Certificate from your home country before joining the project.

LTV 04B Rural Medicationmust have medical background or be trained in a medical/paramedical field

LTV 04C Nutrition and Healthminimum application of two months.




LTV 05C Media / PR / Research and Documentation

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