Rural Medication

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Rural Health care among one of biggest challenges that India is faces today. More than 70 percent of the country’s population lives in rural areas, which do not have access to public health care. Also, the quality of available health care is of poor nature, there is a shortage of qualified medical functionaries and lack of quality infrastructure. The regional medical colleges and government institutes conduct rural health check-ups and rural medication as part of health legislations. Sadly, the government hospitals in these regions are severely under-staffed, over-worked and there is always a lack of staff support. Thus, medical and paramedical professional assistants are severely needed in these settings.

The volunteers will work and serve as medical assistants and help the rural medical team as a team member within villages and government hospitals. Volunteers applying for this program must have medical background or be trained in a medical/paramedical field so as to contribute in health requirements of people.

The Info-sheet will have more information regarding the individual projects with schedules, and activities.