HIV/AIDS Awareness and Care of Support

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HIV and AIDS related issues are a worldwide problem which is threatening the entire human population. According to National AIDS Control Organization of India, the prevalence of AIDS in India in 2013 was 0.27, which is down from 0.41 in 2002. This decline comes as a relief but even then the prevalence of HIV continues to be a threat.

There are many NGOs taking up this issue and working to tackle this problem. Each NGO adapts different methods - some conduct outreach/awareness programmes whereas other NGOs work directly with people who are infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Volunteers applying for this field must have some prior experience or some medical background.

The work is varied and will involve assisting the NGOs in their programs. The work would predominantly be on generating awareness and not practical work with AIDS patients. In these organizations, volunteers will be required to help and provide counselling, work in hospitals or homes by treating patients, participating in daily care and also to provide education and social activities. The Info-sheet will have more information regarding the individual projects with schedules, and activities.

Note: Some NGOs working in this field may require a Police Verification Certificate from your home country before joining the project.