Slum children Teaching and Development

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Indian cities suffer from huge urbanization problems and slums are present and mushrooming in many cities and towns. The slum areas in the cities are clusters of houses and shacks built illegally, where all basic infrastructures are absent, water and electricity supply and other civic amenities are scarce or non-existent, hygiene is of very poor. With high rates of unemployment and outbreak of diseases these slums become breeding grounds to poverty, exploitation and negligence.

Many NGOs are working with an aim to improve the basic living conditions of the large number of people residing in those slums. The volunteers will have the opportunity to join hands with the local NGOs to support ongoing projects such as - Awareness campaigns, Literacy programs, Educational projects and Empowerment of minorities.

The volunteer’s will mainly focus on teaching slum children in small shelters or in schools. In addition, with the support of the project staff, the volunteer may have to visit slum areas interact with inhabitants, conduct awareness campaigns on health, water, sanitation, etc.

The Info-sheet will have more information regarding the individual projects with schedules, and activities.