Children with Special Needs

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Working with people/children who deal with different forms of various forms of physical or intellectual challenges can be quite a demanding task for anyone. However, despite the challenges they never lack in terms of spirit and enthusiasm and working along with them can bring you a lot of joy and give a lot of life learning experiences.

The main work will be teaching and supporting the staff in their daily activities for the care of the children. As a volunteer, you will be involved in Individual goal setting and planning for holistic development of children/persons with special needs through home-based, community based or institutional based approach. It needs a bit of flexibility and openness to all kinds of works and activities.

These children are subject to multiple deprivations and limited opportunities in several dimensions of their lives. They are mostly rejected by mainstream society and face grave discrimination. Therefore, we believe volunteers can be huge change-makers in such projects by participating and bringing joy in lives of these children, and help the NGO to bring some structure changes in their daily lives and prepare them for adulthood. Additional work activities would involve maintenance and gardening work, prepare and serve meals, cleaning and providing company.

A creative approach to work is useful and you will have the opportunity to initiate new mini projects or activities. A flexible approach to the work with to be prepared to undertake multiple tasks is very necessary to work in these projects.

The Info-sheet will have more information regarding the individual projects with schedules and activities.