Water and Sanitation

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Health and sanitation is the priority areas in development, both in rural and urban areas. Especially, in rural areas open defecation is quite common and sanitation is very poor. Lack of Proper education and an understanding about the need for hygiene and sanitation and a general lack of awareness are the main culprits. FSL-India is making its share of contribution to address this problem by implementing Water and Sanitation based programs through multiple interventions that includes 'Dream Village Project', Environment Education Project and also through volunteer service in various locations.

These projects along with other objectives, support construction of toilets in the villages and generate widespread awareness on various potential diseases due to want of proper hygiene and sanitation. In this field of work, volunteers work would include - construction of sanitary toilets, education and awareness generation among students and adult community in the proposed villages through innovative methods.

The Info-sheet will have more information regarding the individual projects with schedules, and activities.