Sea Turtle Conservation

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For the past 15 years, the Sea Turtle population has been under threat from fishing and egg predation by local population. Three species of the protected Sea Turtles are nesting on India’s West Coast and all of them are endangered species and increasing threats caused by humans could drive them to extinction.

With an effort to protect these endangered species, FSL-India is working along a 60 kilometre stretch of the beach in the south and north of Kundapur, Karnataka state. The work is focused on protection and conservation of Sea turtle, by promoting awareness about the eco-system and addressing related environmental issues.

The work involves conducting surveys, gathering and analysis of data, Awareness generation amongst the local community, schools children, and harbours and fishing communities. You will also be required to build hatcheries and temporary information centres, as well as design and create promotional material.

The Info-sheet will have more information regarding the individual projects with schedules, and activities.

Note: This project is seasonal and starts in August and runs until February, only for six months. The work requires high degree of motivation, interest and some knowledge in this particular field is useful. Please remember in the first month and the last month the majority of the work includes documentation. There is no guarantee that you will see sea turtles, hatchlings or eggs while working on this project.