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Volunteer Overseas

Brief history of workcamps

In 1920, the first workcamp started in France - mainly by German and French youth as reconstructing the farms destroyed during World War I. Since then, the concept of workcamps have been spreading all over the world. In the 60s, many workcamps focusing on construction works were organized in newly independent countries as well as peace projects between Eastern and Western Europe. Environmental workcamps have been on the rise since the 80s. According to our research, over 3,000 projects in about 100 countries are held in a year.

Workcamp Organizations

The Workcamp Organizations we partner with are international voluntary service NGOs/NPOs (Non-Governmental/ Non-Profit Organizations), most of which are affiliated in the international networks such as CCIVS (Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service) founded by UNESCO, NVDA (Network for Voluntary Development in Asia) and ALLIANCE of European Voluntary Service Organizations.
Each workcamp organization independently & freely organizes projects mainly in their own countries with local governments or NGO/NPOs. These workcamps are organized locally, coordinated nationally and exchanged internationally!

Common Aims and Voluntary Works

The common aim of all working organizations and workcamps is to achieve a peaceful, healthy, just and sustainable world by

  • Creating/ supporting voluntary movements for ecology, human rights, self-sufficiency, etc.
  • Activating and involving new people to local communities and NGO/NPOs
  • Promoting global understanding, friendship and solidarity - Work is normally for 5-8 hours a day & 4-6 days a week. The types are varied (depend on the needs)
  • Environment (ENV): Cleaning rivers, planting trees, protecting animals, creating eco-villages, etc.
  • Agriculture (AGR): Picking fruits or seeding in organic farms, reviving uncultivated fields, etc.
  • Construction (CON): schools, toilets, renovating castles, converting farms into youth centers, etc.
  • Social work (SOC): With/ for children, refugees, mentally/ physically disadvantaged, elders, etc.
  • Arts/Education (EDU): Organizing festivals, performing play against AIDS in schools, archaeology, etc.
  • Others: Making proposals of town planning, recycling & sending bicycles to India, etc. 


How do  I proceed to join a volunteer project overseas?

(1) Choose a Project

(2) Booking with GVC (for Singaporean/ resident of Singapore)

Once decided, kindly register online and make payment of S320.00 to GVC where S$100 is refundable upon complete of work camp with feedback and photos.


What does GVC Administration fee  pay for?

    *  24/7 support from GVC  staff,

    * Program marketing costs,

    * Administration costs,

    * Travel costs to inspect programs and

    * Communication costs with volunteers.


Please note you need to pay for your own airfare, insurance, visa and the local host workcamp fees (if required)

What does the local Workcamp fee pay for?

    * Orientation,

    * Program supervision,

    * Accommodation and meals during volunteer placement period,

    * In-country 24/7 support and In-country administration costs


The  Payment should be made in favour of “GLOBAL VOLUNTARY CAMPS LTD" by any of the below:-

i) Cheque to “GLOBAL VOLUNTARY CAMPS LTD" and mail to

238 Thomson Road #03-59 Velocity@Novena Square Singapore 307683

Please state behind the cheque the purpose of payment.


ii) Credit to bank account


Bank Branch: Novena Square Branch (016)

Account No: 339-304-135-6